Specials & Guest Workshops

Naast de lessen organiseren we regelmatig specials en gastworkshops

Agenda specials:

  • Donderdag 23 maart van 19:45-20:30 uur: Free Online Bootyworkout sponsored by MayaFreya
  • Donderdag 6 april van 20.00-21.00 uur: Step & Dance - Step Choreografie (nog 4 plekken vrij)
  • Zondag 23 april van 11.00-12.30 uur: Dynamic Transitions & Static by Oleg Zabelin

Doe mee en meld je snel aan!!!!

SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Step & Dance - Let's Step & Dance

Let's Step & Dance! Choreografie op de step op heerlijke opzwepende muziek! We gaan een choreografie doen op de step!


€ 15,00

  • Beperkt beschikbaar (Limited spots left)


Learn cool dynamic and static tricks by Oleg Zabelin.

In this Poleworkshop you will learn:

  • Execution of several elements during rotation;
  • - Jump to elements from flyby;
  • - Simple pole flips & baby flips
  • - Interesting handstands and transitions in handstands;
  • - Author's transitions and turns.


10 years of coaching experience

▫️ Special prize Pole Art Italy 2022

▫️ Pole Theater Hungary 2018 Winner

▫️Winner of Pole Art Greece 2017

▫️Silver at Pole Art Greece 2019, Pole Emotion Latvia 2018, Pole Art Ukraine 2018

▫️Finalist Pole Art Italy 2018, 2020; Pole Theater Latvia 2019, Pole Theater Hungary 2019, Pole Art France 2017, Pole Art Cyprus 2016

▫️Silver at Revolution 2015, IPSF Russia 2015

▫️Bronze at Pole Star 2015

Held his author's master classes in many countries around the world: Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and the Maldives.

Presenter of many Pole Dance camps and championship judge, with many years of experience.


The creator of the author's method of online Pole Dance training - "PD Sapiens"


Date: Sunday 23 april from 11.00-12.30 o'clock

Free parking in the area

Bring your waterbottle with you, yogamat or towel , polewear

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

€ 55,00

  • Beschikbaar (Available)